EECS16A, Designing Information Devices and Systems I

Spring 2023

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Discussion Schedule

Monday and Wednesday discussion sections cover different material, and you are very strongly encouraged to go to a discussion both days.

You can access discussion notes from TA's here:

Some discussion sections are tailored to certain groups. Feel free to attend these even if you do not identify with the group.

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  • Transfer (dark blue)
  • First-Year/Second-Year (orange)
  • First-Year (red)
  • CS Scholars (green)
  • Extended (yellow)
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Homework Practice Problems

Textbook: Condensed Note Content Summaries and Practice Problem Solutions

This book consists of condensed sets of notes that summarize the important material from the course notes, as well as detailed solutions for the online Practice Problems! Here's the entire book and the Table of Contents. Individual chapters of the book (notes and solutions by practice set) can be found here (the links aren't perfect, you may need to scroll a tiny bit down for some chapters). A couple brief comments on using this resource:

  1. I recommend skimming the Introductory Chapter and the Conventions Chapter. These will provide some useful tips to keep in mind.
  2. Each chapter has a Relevant Information section and a Problems section. The first contains a (generally complete) summary of the corresponding content from the notes. The second contains the detailed solutions mentioned above.
  3. This is a new resource, and may well have errors or areas to improve in; if you spot something wrong and would like to mention it, or have feedback of any kind, please submit a feedback ticket.

Technology Needs (STEP)

Student Technology Equity Program (STEP). STEP provides laptops and other technologies for free and is for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. It requires just a simple online application form. For details, see here.

Recommended Texts

Circuit Cookbooks

Extra Resources

Setting up How-To's

Past Exams

Past exams vary in scope from semester to semester, and may include topics that are not in scope for the current semester or module. Unavailable exams are indicated by N/A. In-scope topics for the current semester will be posted on Ed about a week before the corresponding exam.

Semester Midterm 1 Midterm 2 Final
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sp22 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
fa21 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
sp21 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
fa20 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
su20 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
sp20 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
fa19 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
sp19 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
fa18 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
sp18 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
fa17 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
su17 pdf, sol pdf, sol N/A
sp17 pdf, sol pdf, sol N/A
fa16 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
sp16 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
fa15 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol
sp15 pdf, sol pdf, sol pdf, sol

Practice Sets: Links to Notes and Solutions

It is very strongly recommend that you try the problems themselves here before looking at the solutions below. The links for solutions are not perfect, so you may need to scroll to the bottom of the linked page to find them. Give feedback here.

Course Staff

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We also have 3 special emails for various purposes. Where applicable, please use these emails so that all relevant course staff can view the message. Note that we prefer for technical or content questions to go on Ed!

  • eecs16a.homework@: for any homework-related questions or concerns
  • eecs16a.lab@: for any lab-related questions or concerns
  • eecs16a@: for anything else (including exam-related/administrative questions or concerns)


Laura’s research is in computational imaging, which brings together optical physics and computational algorithms to develop cameras and microscopes that can image efficiently in multi-dimensions. Laura's research spans optics, signals & systems, machine learning and bioengineering, and she's excited to show you how 16A principles can help you build a camera with just Scotch Tape and a sensor. Laura used to have hobbies like hiking, traveling and sleeping, but now has two little kids instead :)

Laura Waller

Rikky Muller, PhD is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at the University of California, Berkeley where she holds the S. Shankar Sastry Professorship in Emerging Technologies. She is a Co-director of the Berkeley Wireless Research Center (BWRC), a Core Member of the Center for Neural Engineering and Prostheses (CNEP) and an Investigator at the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub (CZB). Prof. Muller received her BS and MS degrees from MIT and her PhD from UC Berkeley all in EECS, and was a McKenzie Fellow and Lecturer of EE at the University of Melbourne in Australia. She was the Co-founder of Cortera Neurotechnologies, Inc. a medical device company that was acquired in 2019, where she held positions as CEO and CTO. Prior to her PhD she was an IC designer at Analog Devices. Prof. Muller was named one of MIT Technology Review's top 35 global innovators under the age of 35 (TR35), and one of MedTech Boston's top 40 healthcare innovators Under 40. She is the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards, including the IEEE SSCS New Frontier Award, the McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award, National Academy of Engineering Gilbreth Lectureship, the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub Investigatorship, the Keysight Early Career Professorship, the Hellman Fellowship, the Bakar Fellowship, the NSF CAREER Award, and is a Distinguished Lecturer of the Solid-State Circuits Society.

Rikky Muller



Hello! My name is Aniruddh, and I'm a 4th Year Materials Science & EECS Major from sunny San Diego! This is my third year on staff, and every semester has been better than the last! In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading, and going on hikes in the hills. Come talk to me if you're interested in learning about all the cool upper divs at Cal (EECS or otherwise), getting involved in research, or you're just bored :) Looking forward to another amazing semester!

Aniruddh Khanwale
eecs16a@, aniruddh@

Hi everyone! I'm a fourth year EECS undergrad interested in deep learning/computer vision/robotics research. This is my sixth semester as a uGSI for 16A, and I hope to make this class as enjoyable for you as it was for me. Outside of academics I enjoy running and biking!

Austin Patel
eecs16a@, austinpatel@

Hi everyone! My name is Anastasia, and I also go by Nastia. I am a transfer senior majoring in EECS and minoring in Political Economy. My technical interests include quantum computing, quantum materials, and circuit design. In my free time, I like dancing, hiking, and traveling. I love 16A because it gives fundamental knowledge of linear algebra and circuitry through real-life applicable examples. I look forward to seeing everyone in the lab, and I hope you enjoy the labs as much as I do!

Anastasia Simonova
Head Lab
eecs16a.lab@, asimonova@

Hey everyone! I'm Shreyash, a senior EECS Major. I am from India but I was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, UAE. My academic interests are Computer Vision, Cloud/High Performance Computing, and Control Systems. Outside of academics, my interests lie mainly in sports and music. My top bands are Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses! My fav sports are soccer, cricket, combat sports and tennis!

Shreyash Iyengar
Head Lab
eecs16a.lab@, shreyash2106@

Hi y’all :) I’m Ayah, a third year EECS major & a fourth-time member of 16A staff. Outside of teaching, I do research in AI & Robotics, run, and read classical literature. If you like Fyodor Dostoevsky, know of any good trails in the area, or just want to talk, feel free to send me an email! I’m so excited to get to know you all this semester!

Ayah Ahmad

eecs16a.homework@, ayahahmad@

Hi there! My name is Dahlia, and this is my 7th semester as a TA for 16A. I'm a senior EECS major, and my research focuses on the electric power grid. In my free time, I enjoy knitting, baking, and listening to music. I want to help you have the best possible experience in this course, so please don't hesitate to come to office hours or reach out if you need help with the course material, or just looking for more general advice about Berkeley. I'm looking forward to meeting you this semester!

Dahlia Saba

Hello! I’m a third year CS major interested in ML, web, and pretty much anything other than blockchain LOL. I from a lot of different places: Shenzhen, Montreal, Vancouver, LA, the Bay… I don’t really know haha. Feel free to talk to me about anything tho: drinking milk from bags, getting auto rejected by Jane Street, and of course 16a and op-amps!

Shuming Xu

Hey! I’m Joyce, I’m a third year CS major originally from Minnesota. My technical interests include cybersecurity, signals and systems, and biotech. Some things I like doing in my free time are figure skating, playing piano and spontaneously going to Trader Joe's for no reason. I’m very excited to meet you all in lab, and of course feel free to ask me any questions you may have about anything!

Joyce Zhu

Hi, everyone! I'm a fourth year CS major and physics minor, and this is my 6th semester on lab staff! My main technical interests are quantum devices and information science. Outside the classroom, I love Latin literature, all things Tolkien, and ice hockey! I'm always down for a chat about good reading material, sports, tech, or anything else that's on your mind.

Ayush Pancholy

Hi everyone, my name is Jared and I'll be a Lab TA this semester. I'm a 4th year MSE/EECS major from the 818 area, and I'm particularly passionate about Firmware/Digital Logic IC Design, and Electrical Materials. I'm a big sports fan, and the performance of my favorite basketball and baseball (and fantasy football) teams probably affect my day to day mood a little too much. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Jared Cheng

Hey everyone! I’m Anish! I’m a 2nd year EECS major from Tampa, Florida. I’m super excited to serve as a content/discussion uGSI for 16A this semester and contribute to making this course a great experience for you! I thoroughly enjoyed the content in 16A and hope you find appreciation for it as well! Outside the classroom, I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching football (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), listening to music (pop, hip-hop, and rap), and traveling. My technical interests include robotics, machine learning, and chip design. I look forward to meeting you!

Anish Dhanashekar

Hello! I'm a 3rd year CS major from the Bay Area, and this is my second time on course staff. EECS 16A has been one of my favorite classes at Berkeley, because of its fusion of math and electrical engineering concepts with exciting real-world applications. I'm super excited to help teach it this semester! In my free time, I enjoy sports (swimming, skiing, tennis), listening to music, and playing video games. Feel free to email me about anything, I'd love to chat :)

Avikam Chauhan

Hi everyone! I’m an EECS major, and this will be my third semester on 16A course staff. I really enjoyed lab when I took this class, and I hope to provide a similar experience for you all. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy watching TV shows, drinking boba, and have recently been delving back into the fiber arts. I hope you’ll enjoy your time in this course, and feel free to reach out to me!

Carol Li

Hi! My name is Kanav, and I'm a second-year EECS major. I loved taking 16A because it showed me how to model and interact with the real world using linear algebra and circuits. In my free time, you can find me hiking the Fire Trails, grabbing late-night veggie burritos from La Burrita, and listening to all of Taylor Swift's albums. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Kanav Mittal

Hi, it’s Vivian! I’m a sophomore in EECS who’s exploring a variety of interests (from ML/AI to tech in business and law). In my free time, I like to eat mala hot pot, play ping pong, listen to ballads, travel with friends and family, and read magical realism while sipping matcha. Through linear algebra and circuit design, 16A showed me the power of mathematical tools and models in real world applications, and I hope you’ll find 16A as rewarding and enriching as I did!

Vivian Wu

Hello! I’m Anvitha, a fourth-year student studying EECS and Cognitive Science with interests in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience. In my free time, you can find me reading fiction, exploring new places, baking and sharing treats, making jewelry, or learning random skills. I love how linear algebra concepts and applications come together seamlessly in 16A, and I hope you will enjoy this class too! I look forward to meeting and working with you and hope you have a wonderful experience this semester!

Anvitha Kachinthaya

I am 3rd year PhD student in the EECS department. I study and design robust computational imaging systems with applications in biological and space imaging. In my free time I love to make music and dance!

Amit Kohli

I'm a second year EECS PhD student in Laura Waller's group who once took 16A long long ago. My research is on computational techniques for imaging stuff that changes over time, for electron microscopes and other computational imaging systems. I enjoy rock climbing, darkroom film photography, and cats.

Tiffany Chien

I'm a 5th year PhD student in EECS! My research is on designing digital processors and accelerators for AI applications. Outside of EECS16A and my research, you can find me skiing in Tahoe.

Youbin Kim

I'm a 7th year PhD student in EECS working on power electronics design for electric vehicles and datacenters. I enjoy rock climbing and swimming in my free time.

Nathan Brooks


For a full list of course policies and the syllabus, see here.


EECS 16AB Course Coverage

EECS16AB was specially designed to ramp students up to prepare for courses in machine learning and design and are important classes to set the stage for the rest of your time in the department. A rough breakdown of the content in the classes is as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to systems and linear algebra
Module 2: Introduction to design and circuit analysis
Module 3: Introduction to machine learning

Module 1: Differential equations and advanced circuit design
Module 2: Introduction to robotics and control
Module 3: Introduction to unsupervised machine learning and classification


Q1: Should I take EECS16A my first semester at Cal?

A1: If you have taken an AP calculus class, then the answer is yes! EECS16A has no prerequisites other than calculus and is designed with freshmen and incoming transfer students in mind. It is designed to be taken alongside 61A. Furthermore, we reserve seats for freshmen and incoming transfer students in the class, so you are essentially guaranteed a spot in the class your first year. It will be harder to get into the class as an upperclassman.

Q2: Should I take EECS 16A and EECS 16B before or after CS 70?

A2: EECS16A and 16B were specifically designed to help ease the transition to CS70 for incoming students. These classes provide an introduction to proofs and the kind of mathematical thinking that is very useful in a class like CS70. We recommend you take 16AB before taking CS70, this should help you have an easier time in CS 70.

Q3: Should I take MATH 54 before taking EECS16A?

A3: EECS 16A is designed to be taken without any prerequisites, so there is no need to take MATH 54 before EECS 16A. EECS 16AB teaches linear algebra with the intent of preparing you for courses like EECS 127 (Optimization) and EECS 189 (Machine Learning) and provides engineering and machine learning examples and applications for linear algebra. EECS 16AB also uses Jupyter notebooks and python so you can better connect linear algebra and computation.


If you have suggestions for this website or see problems, feel free to let the software TAs know here.